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PALM ANGELS Womens Jersey Track Jacket

¥ 58,300

In 2015, Francesco Ragazzi, who is a photographer and a designer, produced his brand in Italy.
It’s inspirited by unique atmosphere of Venice beach, Manhattan beach in Los Angles and, also the habits of the people who live there.
The concept is mixed with street and luxury style showing the original view of the brand.

2015年、イタリアを拠点とし、フォトグラファーでありデザイナーであるFrancesco Ragazziによって立ち上げられた。

SIZE:XS 着丈:53cm 身幅:39cm 肩幅:35cm 袖丈:61cm
SIZE:M 着丈:54cm 身幅:46cm 肩幅:39cm 袖丈:64cm

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